Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well it was a pretty boring day today. Snowed overnight enough to cancel school so my wife stayed home. Whenever she's' home I get a late start to my day (she is not a morning person) and my whole routine (such as it is) goes out the door. We had a late breakfast and then after she did some meditation, we took the dog out. Actually I took the dog out. My wife walked over to school (diagonally across from our house) and got her laptop so she could do some school work. Teachers never get a day off! I took Maggie and headed for the snow. She is a two year old Golden Retriever and she loves the snow. She is also very curious about everything. The snowplow was cleaning off the school lot and she thought that was a very interesting contraption. So I did not get her to walk and play till it was done plowing. By then I was starting to get a little chilly ( it was 12'F and windy!) but we still went aand waded through the drifts that were up to my knees. For some reason she loves to walk in the deepest snow she can find. Then we came home and cleared the driveway (we got around 4" last night) and sidewalk to the house. Afterwards I fed the birds seed and suet and went in for hot chocolate and a sandwich. I read for a little while (great new book I got about the overthrow of Neville Chamberlaine), played Snood for a while and drank a beer for lunch. After lunch it was time to retreat to the basement and listen to some music and drink another beer. And blog! In comparison to work where I would still be if I wasn't retired. I worked outside with a crew of around 10 men. One of our responsibilities was snow removal and treating ice on over 50 miles of city streets. I don't miss that today! WHY? Because I planned. On days like this I really appreciate not working. I go out because I WANT to. I come in when I feel like it. Life is too good for some people, but exactly what I deserve! Well time for another beer and start thinking about supper preparation. Y'all stay warm, but most of all stay happy.

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