Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why can't people just do their jobs?

Stay tuned for a new series all about getting your moneys' worth. This is not an economic lesson. This is about getting what you pay for. This is about people who are getting paid to serve you but could care less or just don't know what the word service means. They must be Republican first of all. But beyond that, whatever their denomination, if you are paying them money you deserve a certain level of satisfaction.
Maybe it's not their fault. They were hired to do a job they have no inkling how to do. You know some folks are threatened by just waking up in the morning. Well they should not have jobs that touch other folks directly. A receptionist for example is the first face people see of your company. They should at LEAST smile when you walk in or be pleasant on the phone. If you hired them because they look nice, then it's your fault! If you hired them because they know how to file or work on a computer, then let do that job and hire a NICE person to be your receptionist.
We will examine each day a new situation that you may have encountered or I have encountered and see who's at fault for your lousy service and dissatisfied feelings. We will be honest. Brutally so. Hey, none of us are perfect. That's the first thing you have to remember. See you tomorrow.

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