Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another long winter day

Tuesday it snowed 4-5 inches in the morning. Just as we were almost able to see the grass again. Then it sleeted on top of that. Later that night it warmed up to 37 degrees by morning so that it was now raining! Then it quit raining and the temperature went all the way up to 55 degrees! Yes we can see the grass again. Now it is 5pm on Wednesday, and 30 degrees with a stiff wind out of the northwest and lightly snowing. The grass is leaving.

January in West Virginia. This is what happens in a state that is technically a southern state but is the northern most of them. (Not to mention very mountainous). No wonder we are so confused about our position in this world. Not sure what our purpose is. And as if that were not bad enough, we are also the western most of the eastern states! How's that for mixed signals? We are all of these things and none of them at the same time. That must be why it is so easy to take advantage of us. We don't belong to anyone. We are the bastard child of America.

The problem with all this is that we have been blessed with a valuable "trust", and all our "friends" want it. Not just a piece of it. ALL of it. We would love to share it with them. We are not selfish or greedy. But our "friends" are. They won't stop until it's all gone. And when its' gone, it's gone. Forever. Does that matter to our "friends"? No. They can't see past the end of their nose. They can't see the forest for all the green they're making. We must remain as strong as the bond between a mother and child. This land is indeed OUR land. We must protect it as a mother bear would her young cub.

Which brings us back to winter in West Virginia. The bears are asleep. But not for long. We could learn a lot from a bear. Stay warm. Try not to be bored. Have a beer and think about it.

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